Sunday, 9 November 2008

Thriller Project

We have come to the end of our thriller project, and although at times we have found it difficult to get it completed and things have not always gone the way that we wanted them to! But Now we have finished our thriller project and overall we are very pleased and proud of the results!


Friday, 7 November 2008

Review on Thriller Project Final

Our class evaluated our final thriller project, and we recieved mixed reviews

some of the strengths of our thriller were;
The soundtrack was impressive and was appropriate
The setting and use of mise-en-scene was effective
Climaxes well
The slow motion effect worked well

some of the weaknesses in our thriller were;
It was too long
the camera work appeared to be shaky
the titles were too bland
and one group said the soundtrack didn't quite fit


Thursday, 6 November 2008


Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Soundtrack For Thriller

Our soundtrack consists of three different themes: eerie, tension building and military.
For the first part of the soundtrack, we used a repetitive xylophone pattern with a deep bass tone to enhance the mood we want the audience to feel. This emerges into our second theme which begins to build the tension for the audience. During this part of the film, the actions begin to become more rapid which also helps to make the audience react to the soundtrack. This section ended with a single loud symbol which then begins to climax into a military theme drum pattern which is our third and final section of the soundtrack. This final part of the soundtrack really enforces the action and violence used towards the end of the film.


Here is a rough list of the items we will be using during the filming of the thriller project:
  • Mirror - We will use this for the girl to write messages on and to show the reflection of the kidnapper.
  • Light - This will be used to create dramatic tension.
  • Dark eye make-up - This will be used on the actors to create a tired, distressed look for the girl. For the kidnapper, the make-up is used to create a haunting, menacing image.
  • Rope - The rope is used to tie the hostage to a chair by the kidnapper.
  • Chair - To tie the hostage to.
  • Old black door - This is used to show that the girl is being held hostage but no one knows where and the location is never revealed.

Thriller Storyboard


In our groups, we had to create a short storyboard to plan our thriller project. Before we began to film, we discussed our ideas and drew each scene was planned to film. Each of these frames included a simple drawing (which was not detailed) and a short statement explaining which gave a simple outline of what we wanted to happen in that certain frame. During the planning on the opening sequence, we became undecided on a few aspects of filming, therefore we did very rough and simple ideas which can be easily adapted. We also did not include some very short flicking shots as we were undecided if where we should include them in the storyboard.

Credits List - Thriller Opening Sequence

Credits List
In our thriller project we are going to use the following as the opening credits:

1. A Switch Production

2. A Showmax film

3. (Cast 1) Christopher Kennedy

4. (Cast 2) Emily Jones

5. (Cast 3) Sarah Robinson

6. Costume Design by Matthew Alonso

7. Art Direction by Melanie Tofts

8. Production Design by Joshua Hunter

9. Casting by Thomas Holmes

10. Film Editing by Rachel Hayes

11. Cinematography by Aaron Taylor

12. Original Music by Dominic Griffin

13. Produced by Anthony Sloan

15. Directed by Lauren Simpson

14.(Main Title) The Door

Monday, 13 October 2008

Thriller Animatic

We began cutting and fading in different scenes in out animatic whilst separately working on our background music. In our animatic, a lot of the scenes were not faded in or edited in a different way because we didn't want to over do effects. The opening begins with a close up of a girl in the mirror, as this shot zooms out slowly the audience begin to realize that the girl is being held captive. The animatic then proceeds to show the kidnapping of the girl in a series of flashbacks and many sharp movements to create the atmosphere for the audience.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Thriller Project GarageBand Sketch


Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The beginning of `face off` began with a black backdrop showing the opening credits in white.This was effective as the viewer focused on the writing before the plot of the film began. As the opening scene began the camera colour remains sepia, this gives a good effect and with the mellow music it makes the first scene seem quite pleasant and overall upbeat however, this drastically changes as the camera focuses on a separate third character. The mood changes as the third character produces a sharp movement, this is also when the camera shots close in on the characters face with more intensity creating larger tension with the viewer. The climax of the first scene is when the boy is unintentionally murdered and the father is only wounded.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Thriller 'Stalker'

In the opening scene of the thriller 'stalker', the use of hand held filming is used to set the eerie mood for the audience. The continuous use of a variety of camerawork is shown throughout the film displaying different angles used to focus on particular events.

Throughout the film, the editing seems near to perfect. However, there is a slight glitch in the timing of editing in the final scene.

There were a few props that were used within the film, but those that were used were necessary to the storyline to create dramatic tension. In the beginning of the film, the lighting was very dim which enforced the genre of the film upon the audience.

Friday, 26 September 2008